Literature Review


Being lost on campus ground is never good, especially if students are in their first year in a big college ground wondering where their classes are or what kind of facilities does their campus actually have they will always need assistance to navigate their way around.

“Getting lost on campus is not a good look. Pulling out a paper map makes students feel so uncool that when asked what app would most improve university life, the overwhelming response was ”a map”. (Doherty, 2013)

Doherty described that concept of actually using a physical map is ‘uncool’ for students and they would rather have the map digitally, but it’s not only about being cool or uncool, it can be inconvenient for students to actually have to bring map/their schedule everyday. We live in a very technological era and need everything to be simple and convenient and bringing around a map to campus is just simply inconvenient. Therefore, it would be ideal to design an application that can help students on a day-to-day basis.

Gateway is an app that is designed so that students (freshman or senior) can use to help them find their way to their classes by simply scanning a QR code that will be implemented in designated floors. Through the application, students will be able to indicate their location, and find classes with ease. The whole idea of the app is distribute QR codes in different area of the college, whether it’s classes or other facilities that the college will have. Students will then be able to scan each QR codes and different information will show up depending on which QR code that the students scanned. As the students scanned the QR code, the application will show a floor plan, status of where they are and also schedules of the different classes that will be conducted within that floor.

Through the application, students will also be able to locate lecturers as the application will show which lecturers will be available on that certain days and which class the lecturer will be in. dynamic data will be implemented within each QR code as the data will change on a daily basis.

“QR codes can be used to give consumers access to real time information, which can prove to be very useful. “ (Beaconstac, 2014)

QR codes are efficient for this application because students can access the information whenever they want just by scanning a QR code. The QR code will then guide them to specific links that are distributed within different codes in different areas.



“I find HERE’s interface to be remarkably straightforward. It’s easy to navigate, with nearly everything tucked away into a single sidebar.” (King, 2015)

King described that an ideal application will be one that is straightforward and very easy to use. One example of an app that can be considered very straightforward is Snapchat. Snapchat is a messaging application where the main function is that the users can exchange pictures and videos with heir friends or even update what they’re doing daily and post it in their story.


When opening the Snapchat app, the users will be directly guided to a camera UI where they can directly take pictures and interact with their friends which is the main functionality of the whole application. The color yellow also dominates Snapchat which can be linked to positivity and cheerfulness.

The color blue will be mainly used for Gateway as the color blue “Considered a highly corporate color, blue is often associated with intelligence, stability, unity, and conservatism.” (Bourne, 2011) as Bourne described, blue is widely used as corporate color because it is associated with stability, unity, and intelligence, that’s one of the main reason why blue is selected because a strong sense of unity and intelligence would be applicable for a college application color.


An app called Kurogo Mobile Campus designed an indoor mapping system. This application is convenient because it shows directories and also facilities that the college has. This kind of design can also be incorporated to Gateway as indoor mapping system is a big part of the application itself. However, different from Kurogo Mobile Campus, Gateway is a QR code based mapping system and it could be more effective as the student will be more interactive with the application. The application will also have a menu bar that will show announcements of events from the college, the college’s facilities, and also the user’s profile that will showcase the student’s classes for the semester.

Currently the color blue will be the corporate color of the application and white is also inserted so that it will synchronize well with the color. Design wise, the application is very straightforward as it will access the user’s camera directly just like Snapchat. It is important for the design to be simple and easily used because students will prefer to use the application more if it’s convenient. The mapping system that will pop up upon scanning the QR code have also been simplified from the original floor plan as it will show the important parts of the floors such as classrooms, stairs, chapels, or toilets.


The application will be first developed in iOS as these days’ people are using iOS more then android. However, apple use Objective-C language. “Objective-C language—one of the hardest programming languages to master, even for professionals with experience. The good news is that Apple provides its developer community with very good tools. The main one, Xcode,” (Wright, 2014)

Xcode is a software package that apple provide for it’s developer community to simplify creating application for the iOS device which supports different languages. This software package gives luxury to developers, as it will simplify creating the app.


QR code will play a big role in this app as it will be distributed to multiple area of the college ground. QR code is short for Quick Response Code, which means that these codes can be read quickly by the cellphone.

“they can store (and digitally present) much more data, including url links, geo coordinates, and text. The other key feature of QR Codes is that instead of requiring a chunky hand-held scanner to scan them, many modern cell phones can scan them.“ (Lyne, 2009).



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